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Updated: 2018/06/05
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Welcome to the Experiments Page.

These Experiments are just that. There maybe a description of what the experiment is intended to do, but don't count on that.

At present this entire website is an experiment. At present the page is written with W3Schools CSS. This is an extended version of CSS that provides some added functionality.


Working on Tide Tables. Link to updated information will be provided as it becomes available.

Tide Table link (it is a transformed xml document to make it readable in a browser). Link to tide table for Old Port Tampa. Opens in a new window and can be searched using Find


Working with PHP. This is a series of demonstrations as I work with PHP. The Idea is to create examples of what PHP can do while practicing.

This is not a tutorial, more of a way to get ideas. Go Here to see what PHP can do.


Working with Javascript.

As with PHP in Experiment002 this is not a tutorial, but a way to practice while looking for practical ideas

You can view the EXPERIMENT HERE.


Getting input

The goal is to get input from a form, perform operations on the data, and serve it as a useable output

Step one bring in an xml file and convert it to plain text. I know there are many ways to skin this animal, but I am doing it this way.

Determine how long each record is

Test the record length to ensure it is constant

Record length looks constant. Will proceed to creating a form for user input.

A searchable form has been created.

Experiment 005

Working with HTML5 Canvas for data representation.

Automate certain actions with Javascript.

Refining grid layout

Researching Tidetables from NOAA

Convert time and tides from text to integers

Experiment 006

Combining the information from the first 5 experiments to create a single document

Experiment 007

Work with strings to allow consistent results over multiple strings

raw.PHP file is the file used to demonstrate these experiments

Experiment 008

This experiment will work with user interface techniques.

The first goal is to create a general theme for the page.

W3 CSS is the first language being used to create a theme.

Experiment 009

Experimenting with PHP forms

Experiment 10

Opening external files with PHP

Experiment 11

working with conditionals


Experiment 12

Experimenting with colors