Right in Front of Your Nose.


There is no doubt that freedom is dangerous. The freedom to believe and act on that belief will inevitably result in conflict. The freedom to protect yourself and others from an unlawful attack on your person and property was placed in the US Constitution specifically protect you from the government and fellow citizens.

When someone says something I do not agree with, it is freedom in action. That person is not to be physically attacked. Of course, I can, and probably will use my freedom of speech to counter them. That is the danger. Some people are willing to use force to stop someone from practicing their freedom. That force is exactly the whole point of the Second Amendment, you have the right to protect yourself.

Politicians prey on the emotion of an event. The more horrific the event is the better. They will shape the event and its cause. Then provide an answer. Don’t mind the fact the answer is a violation of our basic rights.

In the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001 attacks it was clear that government intelligence agencies had not been communicating with each other. The Presidential directives by George Bush were a welcome change to the way intelligence agencies work together. Although I have many reservations concerning many of the Patriot Act’s provisions, the ones that concern me most are those that deal with privacy. These provisions are violations of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th amendments of the Constitution.

I can under the First Amendment say that I support ISIS, White/Black Supremacists, or any other unsavory organization. This is my right, and it not a reason to subject me to government persecution. As long as I do not actually provide material support to such groups I have broken no law.

Should the government watch me? Oh yes, they should. Should I be denied my rights as a citizen? Absolutely not! The only time your rights should be suspended is upon conviction of a felony. Being placed on a government “watch list” is not a conviction. There is no charge brought by the government, there is no trial. This is a direct violation of my rights as a citizen. The fact the FBI questions someone is not a conviction of anything.

The present argument that being on a “No Fly List” is a reason to stop someone from purchasing a weapon, or carrying that weapon is a direct violation of your rights. The idea that government can, on its own authority remove your rights should scare you.

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  1. If we all stop talking to each other about what we find important, simply because we don’t share the same political philosophy, we will never solve any of this na#&onit8217;s problems. We used to be a nation that could come to the middle ground to discuss solutions. If people with the forum to do so (like bloggers of all stripes) cannot start these conversations, who can? Who will?

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