What Went Wrong?

The typical reaction to anything that happens is to find something or someone to blame.  We want to point a finger at the problem and fix it.  So, what went wrong in Orlando?

What we know at this point is the murderer proclaimed that he was acting in the name of ISIS.  We also know that he was married, and it appears his wife knew what he was up to.  His first wife accused him of physical abuse.  He was investigated by the FBI, and they took no action to file any charges.  He was employed as an armed security guard and his fellow employees described him as unstable.

First of all, the murderer is to blame for his actions.  If we begin with the first sign of his radicalization issues his first wife should have brought him up on charges.  This alone is enough to have stopped him from purchasing a gun.  She didn’t and right now we do not know why.

If we look at the FBI investigation, we know they did not bring him up on charges.  Since we will never see the full report on the investigation we will not know what they may have missed.  Through due process, he was clear to purchase a weapon.

His fellow workers at the security firm he worked for reported that he was unstable.  His employer took no action to fire him, and even if they had fired him he could still purchase a weapon.

His present wife claims to be stupid. However, since she graduated high school and received a degree from college there is a question.  Are we graduating stupid people from colleges?  That is a rhetorical question.  Regardless of her mental capacity, knowing right from wrong is something that she will need to prove in court.  At the least she was an accomplice to murder.

We do not have enough information to blame anyone other than the murderer and those that radicalized him.


To allow the government to make laws that deny citizens the right of due process is a violation of the Constitution.  Yet that is exactly what the government is attempting to do.  The no-fly list is created by the DHS, with no notification made to those on the list and no due process.  It does not matter that only 1% of those on the list are American citizens or not.  The 1% are allowed due process under the Constitution.


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