Slaves Built the White House.

Michelle Obama in her speech in front of the Democratic National Convention stated that slaves built the White House. As a historical comment, she is right. Slaves, along with freemen, Irish immigrants, Germans, and Anglo descendants did build the White House. However, her statement was not meant to be historical, it was meant to be political. For those racists who see everything as color, her statement begs the question, “Are blacks the only slaves that built something?”

Historically Blacks built the institution of slavery. As the builders of the world’s first civilizations Blacks used chattel slavery as a means to build their empires. Of course ,they are not alone in this. Egypt, Assyria, Ancient Greece, Rome, China, Native Americans (both North and South), the English, the French, the Germans, Americans, and the Spanish all used chattel slavery.

This means that slaves (black, white, native, and other) built the Pyramids, the Roman Empire, the Parthenon, Inca and Aztec temples, The Great Wall of China, the Spanish Missions of the Americas/Caribbean, and the Native American Tribes. Even in terms of being recent slaves, American Blacks do not have that claim to fame. The last nation to end slavery in the Western Hemisphere was Brazil in 1888.

Why does no one ever discuss these facts? Many of the anti-slavery sites on the Internet will point to Whites enslaving Blacks in the Americas. They purposefully ignore the fact that Blacks were intimately involved in the practice of slavery.

Another often overlooked fact is that Blacks were not enslaved because they were Black. They were enslaved because they lacked the ability to protect themselves from slavers. This is historically proven by the enslavement of the Jews, Irish, Egyptians, etc… It is a political lie to believe that Blacks were enslaved because they were Black. It is a political lie to suggest that Black hands are clean of slavery. Slavery has never had anything to do with race.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that we all were once slaves we should celebrate that the United States no longer openly practices slavery. There is still slavery in America, but that is a topic for another time.

911 Call in the Future


9-11 Operator, “Thank you for calling your local emergency services, how may I assist you?”

Caller, “Someone is breaking into my house, I need help.”

9-11 Operator, “Thank you, if you don’t mind I have a few questions.  Are you black, Hispanic, Asian, white Hispanic, black Hispanic, white Asian, Native American, or other?  Are you a Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, or other?  Are you an Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Scientist, or other?”

Caller, “I don’t think you understand…someone is breaking into my house…Oh, I think they just broke the door down…”

9-11 Operator, “Sir or madam, not being judgemental, however, we strive to match you to the proper responder based on your demographic…so I will continue.  Do you identify as a man, woman, small dog, large dog, cat, kitten, puppy, or other?  Do you own any weapons to include; Guns, Knives, Machetes, Clubs, Rocks, Meat Mallets, Hammers, Pointed Sticks, or other?  Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder, been abused or an abuser, are you vegan?  Do you drink?  If you drink how many drinks per week?  Are you drunk now?  Do you use controlled drugs?  Do you use illegal drugs?  Are you a republican, democrat, or other?”

9-11 Operator, “Hello…are you still there?”

Caller, “Uh, Hello.”

9-11 Operator, “You don’t sound like the original caller. ”

Caller, “Yeah, I killed her.”

9-11 Operator, “Oh I see.  Thank you, if you don’t mind I would like to ask a few questions……”



How the Air Force Trolled the Soviets.

In war, there are moments that an enemy is vulnerable.  We often think of these in terms of physical combat. However, there are other forms of combat that significantly affects an enemy by causing them to waste time.  I had the pleasure of watching one of these moments.

The base I was stationed at was a Tactical Reconnaissance Wing located in West Germany.  The mission was to fly the RF-4C near enemy forces to spy on them in real time.  Given the base’s location, it was selected to operate another mission. American’s never miss an opportunity to mess with the enemy and this would be a classic troll.


Almost every Air Force base is plagued by civilians that are “plane spotters”.  These civilians will park their cars and watch the planes take off.  Some even keep log books of the tail numbers of these aircraft. In the days before the internet, the plane spotting clubs would share this information.  For a spy, you can deduce where the planes go, how many there are, and even the range of these aircraft.  We knew that among the civilians there were spies.

The scene of the troll is a hanger that was located at the far end of the base.  It was almost always unused, and close enough to the fence that it could be observed by the rotten commie scum.  To make things even more curious the hanger door would open up just a bit.  And if you looked real close you could see part of an aircraft that was painted flat black.  Just little parts, like a wing tip here and there.

Starting in early November the hanger became active, but only at night.  Every night the lights on the hanger would come on and the sound of mechanics working inside could be heard.  During the day, there were guards located on the hanger.  Since commies can’t stand being teased we noticed an increase in “plane spotters” even when our planes were not flying.

It was finally the big day.  The Friday after Thanksgiving.  Dignitaries arrived, base personnel and their families arrived.  There were balloons and all sorts of decorations.  Finally, the hanger doors were pushed open, and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a Sherpa prop driven supply plane, painted flat black with a big round red nose.  In the pilot’s seat was none other than Santa Claus. The kids went wild…the parents cheered…and a noticeable groan was heard from outside the fence.  Poor Ruskies.


And that is how the Air Force trolled the Soviets.


What Are You Thinking?

From a simple problem to a complex problem the difficulty is keeping track of the relationships between data points.  We can map these relationships with what is called a Mind Map or alternatively a Logic Map  The old fashioned way was to use a pencil and paper. Today we have much better ways, and they are free.

The first application that I have found useful for writing is called MindMup.  It is available from Google Play, and is free.  Free sometimes comes with strings, this one has no strings.


With MindMup you can document your thought process, find where you are (or might be) going wrong.  This allows you to adjust your research to better track your logic.

Give it a shot.


How to Defeat ISIS.

If you listen to politicians they want you to believe that defeating ISIS is some sort of tangled web.  We simple folk can’t figure it out.  I bet we can.  So, let’s give it a whirl


“If you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” ~ Sun Tsu.

ISIS has demonstrated that they are willing to die in battle.  In fact, it is an honor. They do not surrender but are more apt to fight to the death.  The territory they occupy is cleansed of any group that does not practice their version of Islam.  This means that once the civilian population has outlived their usefulness they have no issue killing them.

ISIS projects itself outside of held territory through the use of terrorist tactics.  Suicide attacks that are intended to cause as much death and destruction as possible.  They recruit via social media and insurgent recruiters/trainers in many nations.  ISIS is reported to have between 30,000 and 200,000 troops.

ISIS is funded by the sale of oil.  This oil is being sold to someone with the ability to move large amounts of oil, and funds into and out of a war zone.  They are also receiving funding from friendly nations.  Additionally, someone is bringing them ammunition and supplies.  To discover who is as simple as looking at who in the region has not been attacked by ISIS.  If you draw a line through Europe you can see that the Eastern European nations have yet to be attacked.  Russia in specific has yet to be significanly* attacked by ISIS.

If you look at the major nations involved in the war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq you quickly realize that any of these nations could defeat ISIS in very short order.  France, The United States, The United Kingdom, and Russia could individually destroy ISIS.  Then why haven’t they?

It boils down to politics.  The ideology that is being protected believes that attacking ISIS will in some way make it easier for them to recruit.  That is a corrupt ideology.  If you attack ISIS…they will use that to recruit.  If you don’t attack ISIS…they will use that to recruit.  It is a lose-lose proposition.


There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. ~ Sun Tsu

In the attack in Paris and in Orlando ISIS used hostage taking and the idea that they intended to negotiate.  In both cases, the end result was to kill the hostages and die martyrs. It is an extension of the general ISIS strategy.  As we wait to slowly choke ISIS in its nest, they are killing civilians.  Our “moral” war to not cause collateral damage is creating collateral damage at horrific rates.  The prolonging of the actions on ISIS is not to our benefit.

From an intelligence perspective we, and by we I mean the US, must identify the suppliers and funders of ISIS.  These entities must be made aware that they are considered enemies, and will be dealt with as such.  It’s time to call their bluff.

By waging total war against ISIS they will be destroyed in a matter of months.  The territory can then be occupied by forces friendly to the US.

Will this end terrorist attacks?  Of course not, but it will choke off the ants from their support and demonstrate that they are a losing cause.  It will free Europe from the glut of refugees. This will certainly reduce ISIS in its ability to recruit. It will go much further than where we are now.

Can ISIS be beaten…heck yeah it can.  We just need a leader who is willing to do it.

test image


*Update…reader’s pointed out that a suspected ISIS aligned gang did kill a police officer.

Are you a Researcher?

The internet and the media are full of “researchers”.  When engaged in discussions on the internet many participants will state that they have “researched” the topic in depth.  What they want you to think is that they have actually researched the topic.  Are you a researcher?

Research is a process.

  1. Select a topic that you are interested in.  It takes commitment and a great deal of time to research a topic.
  2. Research the Problem.  What do you already know?  What are the major issues surrounding the problem?  You will in all likelihood not identify all of the problems at first, that is an important part of the research process.  They will become clear in time.
  3. Conduct Literature Research.  This is where you educate yourself on the topic, finding everything that you possibly can.  This will lead back to understanding the problem.
  4. State the Research Question.  After weeks, months, even decades of literature research you will find that the original problem has changed.  At this point, you can finally narrow down the problem and begin to craft a specific question.
  5. Determine Research Design.  Use an experimental design; use a correlational design;  conduct a qualitative study the design will guide further research.
  6. Determine Methods.  Who are the participants going to be? What instruments will I need?  What procedures need to be followed?
  7. Identify Analysis Procedures.

After you have completed all of these steps you are ready to publish your research.  Depending on how your research paper is received you will probably find yourself right back at researching the problem.

The next time you find yourself saying, ” I have researched this topic” be prepared to present your research for critique.

Perception Matters

How we perceive the world around us is all that matters. Our perceptions are guided by education, experience, and to a very large degree bias. It is our bias that twists our education and experience into our world view. Our problem in viewing the world is our bias.

Our bias is used to cloud education and experience to create a view that is comfortable for us. It is a constant struggle to recognize when we are being led by bias versus education and experience. There is a way to keep our bias in check, and come closer to the truth. It will require a great deal of work and you will be uncomfortable with what you see.

To demonstrate this we will look at a case study and how bias affects our perspective

Case Study


The American perception of pudding is a creamy dairy based product that is a sweet dessert. This perception is based on experience. We have been subjected to mass marketing of Jello Instant Pudding or delighted in the homemade chocolate pudding our grandmother’s made.

If we research pudding we learn that is originated as a sausage. This education into what is a pudding does little to change our perspective. If a host were to offer us blood sausage as a pudding we would scoff at such a notion. Our bias allows us to deny the truth to maintain a comfortable mental vision of pudding.

“Ok, so pudding can contain blood, I still do not consider that pudding.” This is how bias trumps education and creates a skewed perspective. We find it difficult to understand that something can be two seemingly different things at the same time. Both being absolutely correct.


Now it is your turn. Using the simple example of pudding apply that to the difficult issues that face society today. Remove the bias, and see what happens.

Talking Tactics Cover, Concealment, and Movement. The Basics.

Talking Tactics

Cover, Concealment, and Movement.

The Basics.

Before a soldier can operate as an effective combat team member they must be fully versed in the use of cover, concealment, and movement techniques. These are the very basic instructions concerning Cover, Concealment, and Movement. More advanced topics will be discussed later.

What is cover? Cover is anything that will stop enemy rounds. Keep in mind that cover from rifle fire is not cover from artillery fire. This means you need to be knowledgeable of the different types of weapons that may be employed against you.

What is concealment? Concealment hides you from enemy observation. This can be natural, man-made, camouflage, and just about anything you can think of that blocks an enemies ability to see you.

Cover and Concealment are the chief considerations when you are moving. Obviously, you want to remain concealed until you launch an attack. Not being seen is the best cover.

As an individual, there are three methods of movement you can use. They are; The Low Crawl, The High Crawl, and The Rush.

The Low Crawl is used when you have limited cover and concealment. Another time to use it is when the enemy is firing, but they are not directly firing at you. To accomplish the low crawl become one with the earth. Using your hands and feet pull yourself along the ground keeping your face flat on the ground and your butt down. The low crawl is a very slow way to move.


The High Crawl is used when you have some cover and concealment, and the enemy is not firing. To accomplish the high crawl you will move using your elbows and legs to move across the ground. The high crawl is not a fast way to move.


The Rush is used when you need to move from one position to another quickly. You will sprint in short bounds from one position of cover/concealment to another. To accomplish this you will sprint and say in your head “I’m up..he sees me…I’m down.” Then drop to the ground…if you are in a position of cover you will pause until the next bound. If you are not in a position of cover on dropping to the ground roll left or right, then bound again. Vary the direction you roll and bound. The rush is the fastest way to move, but it is also the most dangerous.

Military Organization; The X-Functions

All military organizations, from the largest to the smallest are composed of 4 areas.  I call these, the X-functions.

X-1.  Command Staff and Administration.  The command staff is responsible for creating strategy, and creating tasking for the entire unit.  The administration is responsible for documenting, and providing administrative support.

X-2.  Intelligence.  Intelligence is responsible for all aspects of intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence operations.  The information they provide is used by the X-1 to create strategy and create tasking orders.

X-3. Operations.  Operations is responsible for the organization of operational units, training, and carrying out the tasks assigned from X-1.  Operations works closely will all of the X-functions to successfully complete the tasking orders.

X-4. Supply.  Supply, as the name implies is responsible for maintaining, inventory, and securing supplies.

Although there are other functions within these X-functions these are the major tasks.


‘Twas the Night Before the Revolution.

‘Twas the night before the revolution, when all through the house

not a creature was stirring, not even the louse;

The muskets were hung by the chimney with care.

In hopes that the British would soon be there.


The children were nestled all snug in their bed.

While visions of dead lobster backs danced in their head.

And mamma in her battle rattle and me in my ghillie suit

had just settled down ready for pursuit.


When out in the kill zone their arose such a clatter

I peeked out of my sniper’s nest to see what was the matter.

In the light of my starlight scope

the night had the eerie green glow of hope

And what to my wondering eyes appears

but a guy on horseback hitting my trip flares


He was hooting and hollering from the top of his stallion

The British are coming, so shoot those rapscallions.

I called a stand to and the troops they lined up

all patiently waiting including the pup.


Suddenly they appeared all in a neat row

I slowly began to squeeze the trigger of my tow.

With a flash and a whoosh we let loose a volley

and they all splattered like oozy tamale


At that the world was heard to scream

Let Freedom Ring!!