Military Organization; The X-Functions

All military organizations, from the largest to the smallest are composed of 4 areas.  I call these, the X-functions.

X-1.  Command Staff and Administration.  The command staff is responsible for creating strategy, and creating tasking for the entire unit.  The administration is responsible for documenting, and providing administrative support.

X-2.  Intelligence.  Intelligence is responsible for all aspects of intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence operations.  The information they provide is used by the X-1 to create strategy and create tasking orders.

X-3. Operations.  Operations is responsible for the organization of operational units, training, and carrying out the tasks assigned from X-1.  Operations works closely will all of the X-functions to successfully complete the tasking orders.

X-4. Supply.  Supply, as the name implies is responsible for maintaining, inventory, and securing supplies.

Although there are other functions within these X-functions these are the major tasks.


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