Talking Tactics Cover, Concealment, and Movement. The Basics.

Talking Tactics

Cover, Concealment, and Movement.

The Basics.

Before a soldier can operate as an effective combat team member they must be fully versed in the use of cover, concealment, and movement techniques. These are the very basic instructions concerning Cover, Concealment, and Movement. More advanced topics will be discussed later.

What is cover? Cover is anything that will stop enemy rounds. Keep in mind that cover from rifle fire is not cover from artillery fire. This means you need to be knowledgeable of the different types of weapons that may be employed against you.

What is concealment? Concealment hides you from enemy observation. This can be natural, man-made, camouflage, and just about anything you can think of that blocks an enemies ability to see you.

Cover and Concealment are the chief considerations when you are moving. Obviously, you want to remain concealed until you launch an attack. Not being seen is the best cover.

As an individual, there are three methods of movement you can use. They are; The Low Crawl, The High Crawl, and The Rush.

The Low Crawl is used when you have limited cover and concealment. Another time to use it is when the enemy is firing, but they are not directly firing at you. To accomplish the low crawl become one with the earth. Using your hands and feet pull yourself along the ground keeping your face flat on the ground and your butt down. The low crawl is a very slow way to move.


The High Crawl is used when you have some cover and concealment, and the enemy is not firing. To accomplish the high crawl you will move using your elbows and legs to move across the ground. The high crawl is not a fast way to move.


The Rush is used when you need to move from one position to another quickly. You will sprint in short bounds from one position of cover/concealment to another. To accomplish this you will sprint and say in your head “I’m up..he sees me…I’m down.” Then drop to the ground…if you are in a position of cover you will pause until the next bound. If you are not in a position of cover on dropping to the ground roll left or right, then bound again. Vary the direction you roll and bound. The rush is the fastest way to move, but it is also the most dangerous.

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