Perception Matters

How we perceive the world around us is all that matters. Our perceptions are guided by education, experience, and to a very large degree bias. It is our bias that twists our education and experience into our world view. Our problem in viewing the world is our bias.

Our bias is used to cloud education and experience to create a view that is comfortable for us. It is a constant struggle to recognize when we are being led by bias versus education and experience. There is a way to keep our bias in check, and come closer to the truth. It will require a great deal of work and you will be uncomfortable with what you see.

To demonstrate this we will look at a case study and how bias affects our perspective

Case Study


The American perception of pudding is a creamy dairy based product that is a sweet dessert. This perception is based on experience. We have been subjected to mass marketing of Jello Instant Pudding or delighted in the homemade chocolate pudding our grandmother’s made.

If we research pudding we learn that is originated as a sausage. This education into what is a pudding does little to change our perspective. If a host were to offer us blood sausage as a pudding we would scoff at such a notion. Our bias allows us to deny the truth to maintain a comfortable mental vision of pudding.

“Ok, so pudding can contain blood, I still do not consider that pudding.” This is how bias trumps education and creates a skewed perspective. We find it difficult to understand that something can be two seemingly different things at the same time. Both being absolutely correct.


Now it is your turn. Using the simple example of pudding apply that to the difficult issues that face society today. Remove the bias, and see what happens.

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