Military Monday: Gun Shots!!

Military Monday

Gun Shots!!

In the early 80’s I was stationed in Germany with the 26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, specifically Bravo Flight, 26th Security Police Squadron. This story is from those days.

It was zero dark thirty. My flight chief, gate guard, and my team had just assembled by the gate to the aircraft hanger area. We were being updated on recent intelligence reports, training plans, etc… That is when we heard a very loud POP! Followed shortly by another pop and the sound of a bullet ricocheting off the pavement.

Without a word between us, we all dove for the shadows. When you are being shot at, it is a good idea to become invisible if possible. As we tried to determine where the shots were coming from there were 3 more shots in rapid succession. However, all of the concrete structures in the area echoed the sound so much they could be shooting from anywhere.

We began a slow and systematic clearing of the entire area. This took well over an hour, during this time there were no other shots. We finished the search and had met up near a building where the pilots prepared to fly. While we were discussing where these shots could have come from my flight chief leaned on one of the windows…and almost fell into the building as it opened. Needless to say, we all grabbed shadows again. We cleared the inside of the building and found it was all clear.

As we walked back to our vehicles we passed by one of the large speakers for the base public address system. That is when we heard a faint but distinct crackle sound. Then we heard another pop. The speaker had a loose wire.

Moral of the story. Although we felt silly after, the fact is we reacted as you always should. It is a real situation until you prove otherwise, and you should too. It is better to look silly than to look dead.


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