Security Sunday. Introduction.

Security is something I consider to be the one thing you can actively do to protect yourself from not just terrorists, but everyday crime. Every Sunday I will post about steps you can take to make your home, work, and travel safer. There is no guarantee that any of these steps will prevent crime, there is no 100% safe.

The first thing you need to do is get a pen and paper. Security begins with your plan, and do not put your plan on your computer. Granted paper can be stolen, but if someone breaks in to steal your plan…your plan was bad to begin with.

The first thing you will do is a security survey. This post will cover the beginning steps of your security survey.

The survey begins with a free analysis from your local Police Department. The police will come out and do a survey of your home, apartment, and business and give you recommendations to improve security. This is also your chance to ask questions. You should ask the officer where you can get data on crime in your neighborhood? How long it takes the police on average to responThe officer may not answer some of these questions but ask anyway. Make sure you write down everything he finds. Then think about them. What can you find that he may have missed?

This is the one and only time you will use someone that is not part of your security circle.  We will be covering that next.

You might be tempted to just stop here. Don’t. This is just the start.

To be continued….

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