Security Sunday. 20160828

Security Sunday.

Security Plan.

If you have not read the Introduction to this series you should go HERE first. Assuming you have read the introduction we are ready to move on to developing our security plan.

Kings and Generals have created battle plans that would have guaranteed a victory only to be undone by poor security. The person in control of your security is you, and you must have tenacity and discipline to make it work. Let’s dig in.

Your Circle of Trust.

Yeah, I stole that from the movie “The Fockers”. Your circle of trust will require a great deal of thinking on your part. The circle consists of family members, friends, government agencies, delivery services, and strangers. How you handle each is important and you must base it on what you know, what you need, and who needs to know it. It sounds complicated, but as we go along you should be able to grasp the concept.

Study this graphic.


At the center is you. You control, or at one time controlled all of the information about security. I say at one time because prior to now you may have shared important information with people. Don’t freak, you will learn new ways to reduce the amount of information you release.

Trusted Agents. These are significant others, children, parents, anyone that MUST have access to the inner-circle. The information in this circle is the type of information someone could use to gain access to your home, business, or travel plans. For instance, when you go on vacation, who looks after your property? Who knows where your important papers are, or where you hide your good stuff? Who has a set of keys? As you can see, only the most trusted people are considered a Trusted Agents. Even Trusted Agents must be limited to only the information they must have to perform whatever task you need. Your big mouth sister or brother are off the list.

Limited Access. These are delivery persons, police, mailman, lawn service. anyone that will access to your property on a regular basis. The information they should have is only the amount they need to complete their tasks. You need to know as much information about these people as you can get. What do their uniforms look like? What type of ID do they have? How do you verify their authenticity? We will cover this is more detail later.

Everyone Else. If they are not in the first two categories, then they are not allowed on your property. Pollsters, Girl Scouts, Door to Door Sales, and Jehovah’s Witness must all be engaged quickly and sent packing. We will discuss how to do this later.

At this point you have a security analysis from your local police and you have developed a Circle of Trust. Now it is time to do a security analysis of your own.

To be continued…..

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