Security Sunday: 20160904


Security Sunday

From the Outside Looking In.

The key to a good Security Analysis is being through. A security analysis is the most important step and the most active part of your overall security plan. Put on your walking shoes, grab a sketch pad, pencil, and lets get started.

In the middle of your sketch pad make a diagram of the outside of your house [fig 1]. leave room for your front and backyard. If your property is large use a larger sketch pad. Duh.

Fig 1. Basic House

Now walk out to the street in front of your house and center yourself on the house as best you can. From this vantage point, you should be able to clearly see all entry points and windows. Anything that is blocking a clear view must be removed or trimmed to give a clear line of sight. Hedges and bushes should be trimmed to keep someone from using them as cover for breaking in.  Move to the far right and left  and repeat the procedure.

Add all features that can’t be moved to your sketch [fig 2].

Fig 2. Yard obstacles

At this point, you need to think like a criminal. How can you get to doors and windows without being seen?

With the front and sides of your house sketched, we move to the big threat area. The back.

Many people love privacy fences, so do I. However, a privacy fence offers excellent concealment for bad actors. We will deal with this type of fence later…for now repeat the procedure in the backyard as you did for the front yard.

This next step will require either another person or a stick to act as a marker. The stick needs to be no more than 4 feet high, and easy to see. If you are using a person they should be average adult height (no midgets). Now go inside your house.

You will make several sketches at this point. One for each window
or other entry that allows you to see out of the house. From each of these points have the person start at the far right of your property and move left just until you see them. Add this point as your line of sight right. Have them continue to move left while you note anything that blocks your view. Add these items to the sketch. When they just disappear from sight on the left this is your line of sight left [fig 3].

fig 3

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off. While you are doing all this sketching you are training yourself on what a bad guy can, and can’t use to his advantage. You are becoming the master of the terrain which we will take advantage of later.

We will expand on these sketches, and discuss what you can do about that pesky security fence.

To be continued…..

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