Security Sunday 20160918 Privacy Fences, Walls, and Other Obstructions


Security Sunday 20160918

Privacy Fences, Walls, and Other Obstructions

Our homes are more than a defensive castle. We spend time and money to make them comfortable and pretty. Typically the front of our home is decorated for “curb appeal.” We live in our backyards. For this reason, we build privacy fences and walls to keep people from gawking at us while we lounge around our pool, or metal tub (don’t judge). In some areas, fences are mandated by Home Owners Association (HOA) or even by local law (where pools are involved). Privacy fences, walls, and other obstructions pose a security risk. But there are ways to deal with these.

Light. Criminals hate light, especially lights that come on unexpectedly. It costs money, but hey they are lights (from $40US). With some creative organizing, you set up the lights to come on as soon as someone crosses the fence. The key in selecting a system is that it be easily calibrated and covers the entire area contained by the fence.

Observation. No need to creep out into a dark backyard with your slippers and a baseball bat. Security Cameras are available for under $200US. These systems will even allow you to record, are motion activated, and night vision capable. As with lights, they must be easily calibrated, unless you want to video cats and possums. With some creativity, you can use just a few cameras to cover all of those pesky hard to see areas. DO NOT USE wireless systems. Many of these systems will also allow you to connect them to the internet. Before connecting anything to the internet make sure you have a very good cyber security system installed.

Yelling. Yes, an unexpected human voice can freak out even a hardened criminal. Installation of external Public Address systems is easy. If you have a stereo system that is already feeding sound to the outside, you only need a few more things to scream “Get Off My Lawn.”

To this point, we have dealt with the security of the outside of your home. Criminals like easy targets, at this point you are hardening your home.  Most of the people I have known that were burgled were burgled by someone that had been in their home. We will now shift to Internal Controls in the next post.

To Be Continued….

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