What to do when you have writers block.


Honestly, I’m not sure. Right now I have three complex projects and they are collectively whooping my butt. So, to break those up…I have decided to write about something that just popped into my noggin.

While stationed in Grand Forks, North Dakota I was the Flight Sargent responsible for a number (its a secret number) of nuclear weapons. My teams were spread over a very large portion of the frozen wasteland that is North Dakota.

As extreme as North Dakota can be, it does have a beauty that many miss. At night, which was my favorite time to work, a stark contrast between the white snow and the black sky would create the perfect background to some of God’s greatest light shows. The Northern Lights.

I have yet to see an artist or photographer that can capture the beautiful display. The drama of one moment looking at a pitch black sky with just the twinkle of stars, and then suddenly an intense rainbow colored curtain just descends from the sky. It is awe inspiring.

On this particular night, I was on my way to rescue one of my teams. They had decided to use an unauthorized route and had managed to get stuck in the snow. There was some urgency in this case. They were on a timed response, and I needed to keep them from getting busted for being on an unauthorized route. This meant using the radio was out of the question. So we resorted to our alternate communications method…which I will not mention here.

At first glance, North Dakota looks flat as a table top…but that is deceiving. They have hills. Just not many of them. As I came over the hill leading to my lost team, Plush by Stone Temple Pilots came on the radio…at that same moment an intense blue and red curtain magically appeared in the sky. I was so awestruck I almost ended up in a ditch. Whenever I hear that song that display comes vividly back to my memory.

I found my lost team, managed to get them out of their predicament and they completed the mission within the required time. Most importantly I saved some young guys from standing tall in front of the commander. I scared them enough that I do not think they have made the same mistake since. Or, if they were like me….they just got sneakier at it.

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