Security Sunday 20161016

Security Sunday

Internal Controls

Up to this point, we have discussed physical changes you should make. Those are easy compared to the mental changes you need to make. You need to be security conscious, that does not mean paranoid. What this means is to consider your security.

The idea of Internal Controls is about your thinking in terms of security. Internal controls is looking at how people move and interact with your property. Some of these controls are passive, such as walkways and paths. Other controls are active, such as fences, doors, and locks. As with before we will begin outside the home and move inward.

It should be obvious to any visitor where the main entrance to your home is. You can help them by creating walkways, paths, and decorating the main entrance. The goal here is to keep visitors from getting lost. Side doors, back doors, or any other entrance that allows someone to not be seen from the street are off limits at all times. Except under circumstances you control. You would be shocked at the number of thieves who will use the excuse of being lost as a way to recon your residence.

This will mean you will need to be exact with delivery people as to where they may leave deliveries. Sales people are threats that must be deterred in the strongest possible way. Short of shooting them that is. Lights, intercoms, and even well-placed sprinklers can help in this regard. Keep in mind, uninvited visitors are a threat. No one, except those in the most trusted parts of your Circle of Trust, should ever move onto or around your property without your consent.

You have gone through a great deal of trouble and expense to create secure areas, now you must defend it. You will interact with people in this process, and it will always come at the most inconvenient time. If you see someone in an area they should not be in, get on your intercom and tell them in no uncertain terms to go away, or you will call the police. Then if they do not go…call the police.

From time to time, you will have guests. Sometimes many guests. That means people will not only be on your property, but also in your home. This is where things get dangerous. Many burglaries have occurred after a party. Which means one of the guests was scoping things out.

Remember the “cloak room”? That special room where you have your guests toss their coats? This room is often the site of thefts and an excuse for guests to get “lost” in your home. If you must secure people coats, then YOU need to be the one to take the coats there and retrieve them. The room they are stored in must be locked. It may be inconvenient, but security is never convenient. It sure beats filling out a police report later.

At some point, someone will want to use your bathroom. Every internal door of your home should be equipped with a lock. Lock all but the bathroom door, and put up plenty of signs pointing to the bathroom. No one should just be wandering around your home.

If you have children they will want to have friends over. Don’t trust those short thieves. I have investigated many thefts that revolved around children’s friends. This is why children are security risks, only tell them exactly what they need to know.

Put all of your easily stolen valuables out of sight. Security by obscurity.

Finally, walk your property and ask How can I gain access? How can I recon this place? You can’t possibly fill every gap in your security, but you should be aware of them.

Next Week…Security Monitoring Systems and Services.

**sorry this was late, but I had life**

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  1. it’s nice to have life 🙂
    great article, thank you.
    being young does in no way prevent theivery, no matter how much we want our children to be pure and innocent.

    have a good week!

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