Security Sunday 20161030

Security Sunday 20161030

Travel Security

The premise of this series of this post is that there have been no threats directed at you. If you have had a threat by a former boyfriend, girlfriend, or Mafia contact your local city or county attorney.

Depending on where you live, you will travel by a privately owned car, taxi, train, or bus. Most of our travel is so routine that we give it little thought. In fact, you can probably do it with your eyes closed. It is just another routine. That is about to change.

You will need some supplies.

          1. A map that includes the places you frequently travel.

          2. A Red, Blue, and Green highlighter.

          3. A pencil.

          4. A note pad.

We will deal with travel by privately owned car. Since this is the method that provides you with the most control over your travel.

Using the map and the green highlighter mark the route you take on a daily basis. Now using the note pad we will do a little reconnaissance of the route. What we are looking for are Danger Areas.

A danger area is any point where your car is stopped. This obviously includes stop signs and traffic signals, but it also includes high traffic areas. Another group of danger areas is bridges and tunnels. Typically a bridge and a tunnel restrict your ability to maneuver. On the note pad make a list of the danger areas by address.

Why do we want to be aware of places you stop or your movement is restricted? Car-Jacking, kidnappings, and robberies are more likely in a place where you are stopped. The whole purpose of this exercise is to make you aware of these dangers. Being aware is a large part of personal security.

Before you begin travel you must make sure your vehicle is capable of making the trip. Purchase a road service, just in case.

Being armed with a firearm is not always possible, but you should have other means such as pepper spray. Check your local laws to ensure you are in compliance with the carrying of pepper spray.

Keep your windows rolled up, and doors locked.

Know where all of the police sub-stations and hospitals along your route are located.

With the blue highlighter mark an alternate route that is significantly different from your main route. As with the main route make note of danger areas, and police sub-stations/hospitals.

Use the red highlighter to mark emergency routes. These routes are to hospitals, police sub-stations, fire departments, and evacuation locations. Practice driving these routes.

This is all about awareness. Being aware of your surroundings enhances your security. There are other actions you can take such as driving courses, self-defense courses, etc… Don’t be paranoid, be aware.

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