Security Sunday 20161106

Security Sunday 20161106

Security is a mindset. It is not paranoia, it is being aware of the dangers that exist, and taking action to reduce your exposure. If you take nothing else from this series of articles, the message of awareness is the most important.

There is an aspect to security that has not been discussed. Personal self-defense methods. These methods, though important, are not something you can read about, or watch a video to learn. The use of open hand (no weapon) techniques and use of weapons can only be successfully taught hands on. It will take a few days to weeks to learn how to employ the proper level of force based on the situation.

One of the first things any self-defense instructor will teach you is to be aware. Staying out of situations that may force you into a life or death fight is the goal. A search of the internet will yield hundreds of local self-defense courses. Investigate them before plopping down money.

Krav Maga is a system that I would suggest you look into. It is used by Israeli special forces, and you can find a training center in most cities. Again, investigate before spending time and money.

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