The Patriot

Definition: Noun: A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

There once was a warrior who fought for his country without question. He was a Patriot.

There once was a citizen that fought against war without question. He was a Patriot.

There once was a student that fought for social justice without question. He was a Patriot.

In today’s world, these examples of a Patriot seem to contradict each other. In truth, they do not. Though they may have differing world views, the intent of supporting and defending the interests of their country is equal. As I observe conversations in the media and social websites it becomes obvious that the word Patriot has been altered to mean only conservative points of view. However, this is not true. Liberals can also claim to be Patriots.

Supporting your country is totally different from agreeing with its government. If you take this down to a personal level, you support a friend by pointing out where they are making mistakes. Patriots left and right, do just this.

Defending your country does not mean ignoring what it has done wrong, but fighting to make sure it does not repeat those mistakes.

Love for country does not mean being blind. It means you are aware of the promise that your country has, and you want to move it to that promise.

A Patriot is Defined by Intent.