October 2019-Present

October Skies is a layout theme for this website using HTML5,

CSS, BootStrap4, Ajax, and JavaScript.


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When you want to make a website, the browser is the key component. There is no such thing as, all browsers are the same. In October Skies I have used Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Vivaldi. I intentionally do not write websites for Internet Explorer. IE has a requirement that certain parts of code must be written differently. I do not use Internet Explorer cost views? Yes, but IE is not the most common browser, especially since the advent of the Edge browser. The idea is to use as many browsers as possible to allow for cross-platform use. That means that the creation of one block of code to be useful on many machines.

HTML5 is the basis of the most current programming language in use today for the web.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allow for the layout of each page. BootStrap4 is the most current version of BootStrap. BootStrap is a framework for mobile responsiveness in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

AJAX allows the update of data without reloading a page, this greatly increases page speed.

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML. JS will do just about everything you can think of.


LANDING PAGE Page to redirect to controller page (general.html).

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